Using Google with Newshound

Newshound can be optionally configured to include links from Google. Google doesn’t make it easy or financially viable to include search results in 3rd party products. Here, we provide instructions how to add Google search results to Newshound based on an individuals’ free user-based limits per day. While this provides slightly more complete coverage of new articles, it’s optional and Newshound works very well without using Google.

Google removed their Search API and searching via 3rd party programs now have to use something called ‘Custom Search’. It’s first necessary to set up a personal custom search engine followed by enabling of a JSON API. This provides 100 searches per day. Each search provides 10 links for Newshound to analyse. Newshound fetches 10 times for each search term to analyse 100 links. Hence, one Newshound refresh with one search term uses up 10 searches. Once the 100 quota is used up, Google isn’t used until the next day’s quota becomes available. It’s recommended to turn the use of Google on and off, via settings, when not needed, so as to save the quota for pertinent searches.

Note that enabling Google supplements rather than replaces the links normally found in Newshound. The quota is unrelated to and doesn’t affect your normal web searches on Google.


Go to Google Custom search and select ‘Get Started’.

Type *.com for the ‘Sites to search’ (you have to type something valid and we will change this later) and anything for the ‘Name of search engine’.

Click Create.

Click on Control Panel

Make a note of the ‘Search engine Id’ for entering into Newshound.

Click the tick box to the left of the .com entry and click the Delete button.

Click the ‘Search the entire web’ switch to ON.

Click on ‘Get Started’ under ‘Programmatic Access’.

Click on ‘Get a Key’

Make a note of the resultant API key for entering into Newshound.

Go to the Newshound Settings (cog icon) and enter the ‘Search engine Id and API key. Don’t use the settings below as they are fictitious.

Enable Google search using the switch.

Each search term also has a switch ‘Use Google’ so you can choose which search terms use your allowance of 100 links. Both the main settings ‘Also use Google’ and the search term settings ‘Use Google’ must be on for a search term to use Google. The main settings switch provides the ability to temporarily turn off for all search terms that have ‘Use Google’ enabled.