New Beta Version 0.9.6

Beta 0.9.6 provides some features and fixes that have been suggested by beta testers.

  • Improved the initial message how to get started.
  • Prevent multiple instances running at the same time that caused the 2nd to appear with a blank screen.
  • Refresh for one search term at a time rather than all of them at once. The ‘refresh all’ has been kept for people preferring a single click to refresh all the search terms.
  • A new ‘exact match’ setting that is specific to each search term. This is similar to the ‘Strict checking’ in 0.9.4. It is now ‘on’ by default and is only settable for multiple word search terms.
  • New search term specific setting to ignore news having specific word(s) in titles or from specific domain names.
  • A fix for a bug that sometimes caused the refresh to continue forever.