New Beta Version 0.9.4

There’s a new beta version 0.9.4 that now includes a version signed for macOS. This removes the scary installation warning and hoops to jump through to install. It has been notarized by Apple which signifies it comes from us, Krypton Computing Ltd and doesn’t contain malware.

A Windows signed version will follow once we receive our signing certificate from the signing authority.

0.9.4 includes two new experimental features:

  • Use of Google. We have a new FAQ that explains how the default version doesn’t use Google. However, it’s possible to add Google to slightly improve the number of found articles.
  • Stricter article checking. We have been asked if it’s possible to make the article checking stricter to remove the few ‘false positives’. We have added a switch in the settings to enable stricter checking. If you set this to ‘on’ there’s also the possibility that you will get ‘false negatives’ and not get one or two suitable articles listed.