Comparison with News Readers

It has been asked how Newshound compares with the likes of Feedly, Feedbin and Innoreader. These sites provide the latest news based on streams of articles for a limited set of web sites. You subscribe to sites specialising in specific topics and these are merged into one news stream. The limitation is that this only includes sites that have RSS or email feeds and only includes sites that another user has added. Instead, Newshound considers the wider Internet.

This means that if, for example, the Minister of Culture for Germany posts something on an obscure culture site about climate change, it’s more likely to get picked up by Newshound but not by a news reader.

Reading the same type or same authored content every day from a limited set of sites can lead to a blinkered and repeating point of view. Newshound helps you find the latest information on topics or names that are outside the normal stream of thinking.