As this is the first post on the Newshound blog, it’s appropriate to explain how Newshound came about. Successful blogging requires a regular stream of things to blog about. After a while, the ideas dry up and it’s necessary to find new, related things to talk about and comment on. Prior to 2012 the place to go for this was Delicious, a shared book mark manager that was great to discover what was new on just about any topic. Delicious was sold and sadly degenerated to the point it wasn’t fit for purpose. It’s at this point, in 2012, that Newshound was born as an Android app.

Newshound on Android circa 2012

The idea was to trawl the Internet looking for links on specific topics, validate and de-duplicate them. The app was briefly made available on the Play Store but, even then, it took marketing to cause an app to become popular. Also, this type of tool wasn’t best suited to mobile. This kind of discovery activity is best done on the desktop or laptop where the results can be used to help inspire onward actions such as creating blog posts, where the multi-processor power is better suited to validating sites in parallel and where the use of data bandwidth is less critical.

The Newshound app was used personally for many years finally being replaced by the use of Nuzzel. The demise of Nuzzel in 2021 prompted the reincarnation of Newshound on the desktop for Windows and macOS. It’s significantly improved over its Android successor with wider Internet reach, deeper site analysis and concurrent processing.